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streamything is a SHOUTcast™ player app for your Windows Phone 7®.

it allows you to browse music categories, bookmark your most beloved radio stations to acces them with one touch and gives you the ability to search the whole SHOUTcast directory with your most wanted keywords.

panorama view

browse categories

explore the variety of SHOUTcast radio stations through a list of sorted categories, even a second level filtering like Country > Country Rock is possible.

bookmark your favorites

put your most beloved radio stations on your own hotlist to access them quickly again and again whenever you are in the mood.

add own stations

add your custom radio stations by simply entering their URL.

search through all stations

you're looking for a specific station? go and find it with an easy keyword search.

listen to the radio

the playback on your phone is a mp3 stream broadcasted by the radio station and airs to you via your wifi or 3g network.

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download the streamything app to your phone now and try it for free.


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your favs
login to add non-public stations and manage your favorites. this feature is coming soon.

SHOUTcast toolbar
Listen to thousands of SHOUTcast Internet Radio stations. Get the free SHOUTcast Radio Toolbar!